Garage Door Electronics

Use Advanced Technology to Open Your Garage Door

Use Advanced Technology to Open Your Garage Door

Get garage door keypad installation & repair for your home in Shakopee, MN

Did you know that an intruder can easily pick or break a garage door lock? This gives them access to your most valuable possessions. Beef up your security by getting garage door keypad installation. Since the only way to open your garage is with a special code, it adds an additional layer of protection. You'll feel safe knowing your valuables are safe and secure in your garage.

Turn to My Garage Door Medic, LLC for garage door keypad installation. Call today to schedule your appointment in Shakopee, MN.

Don't wait to repair your broken keypad

When the keypad on your garage door isn't working, it leaves your home vulnerable to theft. Address issues immediately by getting garage door keypad repair. We'll find a lasting solution to common hiccups like unresponsive wall buttons or broken remotes.

If you're in Shakopee, MN and need garage door keypad repair, call 612-384-3921 to schedule your appointment.